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mutants slammer hammer logothe mutantsslammer hammer logo mutants

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March 9, 2017 Mutants Perform at Starline Clube, Oakland CA

April 30, 2016 Mutants at Bottom of the Hill

New Dark Ages

Message to The World

Sunday September 27, 2015

All Good Pizza
1605 Jerrold Ave at 3RD St.
San Francisco, CA 94124

  Saturday, September 26 2PM - 12:30AM
Verdi Club 2424 Mariposa St.
San Francisco, CA



Thursday, August 27, 2015



SF PUNK Homecoming Club Verdi San Francisco September 21, 2013



Mutants Zeros No Alternative Club X

Photographs from the 2010 show at Club X:

by David Greenfield:

by Nathan Bennett:

customer reviews of Fun Terminal on iTunes

Twisted Thing
directed by Kirk Leclaire edited by Billy D'Anjou

Some Videos and Photographs from Warhol Live MUTANTS at DeYoung Museum:

Gil's Photographs

Insect Lounge from Gil

Babys No Good by alsjon1

mutants warhol live at San Francisco De Young Museum

Chris Cormier reviews Pioneers of Punk (click for full review):
I’ll never get tired of this band. 3 lead singers (Fritz, Sally & Sue) and song arrangements that make Barry Manilow look like a novice. I’m gonna go “on-the-record” and make a couple claims here: Fritz Fox is one of the greatest and most unique vocalists to come out of U.S. Punk and Brendan Earley is one of the most underrated guitarists to come out of U.S. Punk. I’m dead serious about that. On a sad note, this may have been Sally Webster’s last performance with the group, so I feel fortunate to have been in attendence. We seem to be living in the “New Dark Ages” again, so let’s hope that Sally stays in the mix for future shows, etc."


mutant at bowery and delancy
photograph by Fast Forward

Mutant at Delancey and Bowery


Mutant Photographs from Pioneers of Punk at the Fillmore Auditorium July 26, 2008

Mutants on sfpunk77 online radio station

Mutants perform New Dark Ages at Pioneers of Punk at the Fillmore July 26, 2008

Mutants perform Missing in Action Live at Pioneers of Punk at the Fillmore July 26, 2008
in tribute to their dear friend Bruce Conner who passed away July 7

video by Jeff and Erik


Review of Pioneers of Punk: Flipper!, Avengers, Negative Trend &
Mutants at the Fillmore July 26, 2008
by Nikki Roddy

and photos by Muhammad Asranur

bootleg video of Pioneers of Punk at the Fillmore SF by 6IL

and photos by Nathanael Bennett


Mutants on last fm

jeff takes the mutants to ebbetts pass

Jeff takes the Mutants (tshirt) ski mountaineering.
(seen here at ebbetts pass)

east bay ray of Dead Kennedys and JOhnny Jennocide of No Alternative at Lennon Studios
East Bay Ray of Dead Kennedys and Johnny Gennocide of No Alternative at Lennon Studios photographed by mutant guitar John Gullak

"The late 70's provided a giant stage for American underground bands trying to create a new rock and roll. In San Francisco, The Mutants emerged as one of the great art school punk bands of the era with their unique seven member strong high octane, alcohol fueled melodic punk assault. Each performance was treated as a special event, which the band packed with truly memorable tunes from their enormous catalog."

-Mel Cheplowitz , Publisher of Shredding Paper Magazine and DJ at KALX

  Mutants on  

stephano Paolillo
photo by Stephano Paolillo


"Seeing the Mutants live was like being invited to a secret John Waters movie about punk colorfully and melodically crashing into New Wave, with a dysfunctional locomotive designed by Johnnie Cash on angel dust. Why couldn't the Sex Pistols or the Doors be this much fun? Because the Mutants could be so flamboyant and conceptual, it's easy to forget the musical power of their songs. This is partially connected to how the vocals of sweet toughies Sally (Webster) and Sue (White) harmoniously combine with those of Fritz (Fox). Frank Zappa denied ever using LSD but the Mutants did. Something to Think, Think, Think about - Look out for the furniture."

-Dave (Dog) Swan, the host of cult cable program Doghouse


Dirksen Molloy The Mutants: Forensic Report DVD
With Dirk Dirksen, Brendan Earley, Dave Carrothers, John Gullak, Paul Fleming, Zippy Pinhead, Mark Weinstein, Ken Kearney, Jim Hrabetin, Charley Hagan, Sally Webster, Sue White and Fritz Fox

Dirk B. Dirksen:

Dirk had a directorial quality about him and anytime you walked into the Mab you were in his movie. He was an alchemist that could change anger into humor, boredom into enthusiasm, fools into geniuses and dreams of being on stage & performing into reality.

Make no mistake, Dirk was the real star.

His passion made it possible for all of us to be proud of who we were and in some ways, will always be. Dirk could do, and he did, all of that and more. We will all think of him often with a smile in our hearts.

Good night, Dirk. Sleep peacefully. We'll all miss you.

contact the website:
  The Mutants: Forensic Report DVD
The artsy and imaginative underground group The Mutants performs a flamboyant, fun collection of their songs in these recordings from the On Broadway club in San Francisco in 1984 and their 1989 concert at the DNA Lounge. Tunes include "Insect Lounge," "Lesson in Time," "Opposite World," "Twisted Thing," "Tribute to Russ Meyer," and more. Also includes a revealing interview segment. 112 min. Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; music video; more.



Dirk Dirksen May 2005

Dirk B. Dirksen with Dave Carothers, Brendan Earley and Fritz Fox at Studio Z, May 2005
photo by John Gullak